It is with great sadness that we must, at least for the time being, place Final Fantasy MUX on hiatus. Nearly every member of staff has been swamped with real world concerns, and we, unfortunately, do not have the time to give this MUX the love and attention it deserves. Feel free to log in and chat as a player or guest; the MUX itself will remain accessible. We will not, however, be accepting any new applications at this time.

Welcome to Final Fantasy MUX: From the Ashes!

Founded all the way back in 1998, Final Fantasy MUX is believed to be the oldest continuously-operating Final Fantasy roleplaying game on the Internet. Our community has included hundreds of players portraying all your favorite heroes and villains from throughout the Final Fantasy series.

FFMux gives you the chance to claim your own canon or original character and participate in great adventures. Players can connect at any time to start their own scenes or join those already in progress. Just like your favorite book, the action in FFMux is completely text-based.

If you’re new to MUX roleplaying, it’s a good idea to start with What is a MUX?

New and returning players are always welcome to visit us! If you don’t have your own character yet, connect as a guest by typing connect guest guest at the prompt. We look forward to meeting you – and helping you stake out your part in the legend of Final Fantasy!

Final Fantasy MUX is available at ffmux.play-hookey.com:5403