Final Fantasy MUX: From the Ashes

Welcome to Final Fantasy MUX: From the Ashes!

Founded all the way back in 1998, Final Fantasy MUX is believed to have been the oldest continuously-operating Final Fantasy roleplaying game on the Internet. Our community has included hundreds of players portraying all your favorite heroes and villains from throughout the Final Fantasy series.

Unfortunately, all things come to an end, and to our great sadness, this has now happened to the Final Fantasy MUX. Real Life has taken its toll on both the players and the wizards on this MUX, and it has remained unused now for an extended period of time.

In the past, interest in this MUX hes waxed and waned, but it always came back, stronger and more active than before, and as the hosts of this MUX, it was our hope that it would rise from the ashes yet once more. Sadly, this has not happened, and it is with great reluctance that we acknowledge the reality of this.

The MUX itself and this web site have been archived, against the chance that interest might still pick up again. If that happens, the MUX will be available at, as it has been for some years now. However, for the present, the MUX is closed down, and will only tell you that it is not operational.

Our profound thanks go to all of the people, both wizards and players, who spent so much time making this MUX the success that it has been. Our best wishes go out to all of you, and our hopes that your lives will be as blessed as you in turn blessed the MUX.

Be well, everyone!