Policy: Powers

Your character’s powers are chosen at the time you submit your application, and locked in upon final approval. As a general rule of thumb, most characters will start with whatever powers they would have had in their game of origin within a level range of 20-25. In games where levels do not apply (FF2, FF10, etc) it is acceptable to review powers and abilities which the character would have within the first (approximate) 10-15 hours of his/her game of origin. Some games are shorter than others, so please use good discretion.

In general, a character will start with 3-4 first tier spells, or 2 second tier and 1 first tier spell if they have some means of casting. See Magic for info on spell tiers. In addition to spells, you may start with 1 Limit Break-like ability (desperation attack, overdrive, weapon skill, etc) if and only if it applies to your character based on their game of origin. You can also choose a couple of additional abilities if they apply to your character’s job or traits (Jump, if Dragoon for example), and a couple of passive abilities which will not impact combat (character has a knack for botany, etc). Bear in mind that these are general guidelines. Often a character concept will require that we tweak what, precisely, a new character starts out with. But a character’s general, overall amount of power will be the same. Applicants will work with staff to hash out precisely what powers are appropriate.

Villains and Facheads may have more leeway on starting powers, due to their anticipated roles as leaders on the game, but these applications are judged more stringently than most, and more is expected of their players. Prospective players of any villain or FC likely to be an IC ruler/leader of a grid area should talk to staff before applying if they have any questions.

If any ability, item, attack, spell, or any other power is not listed in your +powers and authorized by staff, you do not have it. RPing as having anything that falls under the definition of a power that is not listed in your +powers constitutes system abuse and ‘’will’’ be subject to disciplinary action and/or retconning of any resulting scene. Don’t go there.

Powers Upgrades

A player may request a powers upgrade for his or her character every six months following the first six months of activity after the character has been created. Upgrades normally consist of the addition of one to two abilities depending on the request and is subject to final staff discretion upon receipt of the upgrade request. Abilities may consist of spells, job-related abilities, tools, special attacks (including Limit Break-like abilities where applicable), and Band Abilities. See your character’s appstaffer for assistance with upgrades.


Granting of certain upgrades, especially uncommon or powerful ones, may be subject to some conditions. Staff reserves the right to deny an upgrade if they feel any applicable conditions have not been fulfilled by the player. The player should @mail the staffer responsible for handling the applications of a given game. Please see +appstaffer on the Mux for a complete list of staffers responsible for each title.

  • Activity – Please try to be active. If you only squeeze in one scene per month, or less, staff may ask you to increase your activity before granting your request.
  • World of Origin – A character’s upgrade may be dependent on what sort of abilities and resources were available to his or her native world or storyline. There may be exceptions to this rule, but these exceptions will likely be uncommon. For example, Materia will not be readily available outside of FFVII-based areas (Midgar, Junon, Kalm), and even in the hands of someone from outside of these areas, the Materia may be of no use without the right training. Generally, we prefer that your upgrade fall within the theme as set out in the character’s world of origin, but exceptions may be made for certain situations (e.g. cross-world RP).
  • Job Specific – If your character has an assigned job class (i.e. Warrior, Red Mage, Summoner, etc), upgrades will generally fall within the realm of whatever skills, abilities, equipment, etc. they might use as part of that job.
  • Affiliation – If the character has no specified job, the upgrade may depend more on the availability of a requested ability/spell/etc based on their affiliation with a faction or group. Job-related upgrades and affiliate-based upgrades may not be mutually exclusive. For example, Baron has Dragoons, White Mages, and Black Mages. These jobs may have abilities native to both Baron, and the job itself.
  • Acquired by Task – Staff may ask a player to take part in RP specifically tailored around the acquisition of the requested upgrade. This is more likely to occur if the upgrade is powerful (-aga spell power and above) or unusual, or requires considerable effort to get.

Definition of Powers

The following categories of things are defined as powers and must be listed in a character’s +powers before they may RP as having them. Any of these categories may be requested, either as part of initial powers or as later upgrades.

  • Spells and Summons – Self explanatory. 🙂
  • Limit Break/Overdrive/Desperation Attack/2-Hour/Quickening – Any special attack or ability which occurs under extreme stress or special conditions. If you couldn’t use it in the game of origin until a certain meter was full, your HP was in the red, you had an ungodly long recast timer, or you burned all your MP using it, it falls into this category.
  • Special Abilities and Attacks – This can include job-related abilities (Jump for Dragoon, Steal for Thief…), FFXII Techniques or other significant abilities which may give the character some kind of an edge, normally in a combat situation, but this can also include passive and intrinsic abilities, such as a character’s knack for (super)-science or engineering that could relate to RP or combat situations.
  • Special Equipment – Anything which boosts the character’s combat capabilities, such as new armor or weapons, especially if any of these grant elemental or status perks of any kind. New armor and weapons should generally be checked with staff first, just to be sure everything is kosher. Consumable items also fall into this category.
  • Special Pets – Any animal or pet with a power set of its own or which is capable of assisting the character in combat. (House pets and livestock such as normal yellow chocobos don’t typically count. Other types of chocobos do.) Some animals (e.g. gold chocobos, wind drakes) may require a quest or task to find, breed, or befriend. See “Acquired by Task” under conditions.
  • Special Vehicles – Any vehicle capable of deploying weaponry or acting as a combat vessel such as Magitek Armor, airships capable of dropping bombs, helicopter gunships, motor vehicles with James Bond hidden effects, etc. In addition, this can include ships capable of reaching escape velocity (the Ragnarok), and Special Pets as noted above.
  • Band Abilities – Your character can coordinate a special attack with another character, or perhaps more than one. Bands are something of a special category, since they require two or more characters in the same scene to activate; you may request one Band per upgrade without affecting your primary upgrade request. Requesting two Bands in a single upgrade period constitutes a normal upgrade, so choose wisely.

Characters who are developing Band abilities should RP at least one scene aimed at developing this ability during the upgrade period, and staff likes to see a log relating to a requested Band posted on the wiki.

Powers Items/Upgrades Acquired In-Game

Powers upgrades and items may be acquired as a result of in-game events (e.g. staff- or player-run scenes). If the scene arbitrator indicates that an item/ability is available for you to claim, it is yours and it does not go against your next upgrade request. Players are expected to request that their powers be unlocked to make the addition as soon as possible after the grant.

NOTE: In the case of a player-run event, any and all powers upgrades must be authorized by staff as part of the event pitch. Granting of powers upgrades not authorized by staff will be retconned and may be grounds for staff to discipline the running player.