Policy: Staff

FFMUX does not have a headwiz, as many games do. We have found that investing final power for a game into a single person, while it may make for efficient handling of issues, has not historically been in the long-term interest of the game or its players.

For this reason, FFMUX staff operates interchangeably in a collaborative and cooperative fashion, and all major decisions are made by committee. This does mean that major decisions and changes take longer to make, but we think it’s the best way to make sure that every decision made is in the best interest of the game.

All communications with staff should be directed to ffmuxHATESSPAMMERS@ play-hookey.com (remove the caps from the email address) or the @mail alias *Staff. This ensures that all staffers have equal knowledge of the situation and inaccurate information does not creep into any required discussion.

Our staffers are named for Espers/Aeons/Eidolons and should be easy to locate in the WHO list. To get a list of staffers, type ‘+staff’. If you want to know which staffer is responsible for a given game, type ‘+appstaffer’ and find your game in the list. The staffer listed for that game is the responsible staffer.

What Players Can Expect From Staff

• Courteous and fair treatment for all players. A staffer who does not feel that they can be courteous or fair to a player (it happens — we’re human too) is expected to remove themselves from the situation and refer the matter to another staffer for arbitration.

• Adherence to all game policies. Staffers are players here, too, and hold themselves to the same standard to which players are expected to adhere.

• Prompt handling of issues. All communications with an individual staffer should receive a response within the timeframe given under Timelines below. Resolution may take longer depending on the issue in question.

• Activity. We look for staffers to be on a minimum of five hours a week, and to at least meet the minimum requirements for activity on all alts.

• Familiarity with their spheres. All staff are expected to have finished the games for which they appstaff, and hopefully as many sidequests and “extras” as possible. Most staffers have played these games more than once and should be intimately familiar with the game’s setting, world, and personalities.

What Staff Expects From Players

• Courteous and fair treatment. We are human too, and we volunteer our time to make the game the best place it can be. We appreciate, if not cheers and congratulations, at least to be treated courteously and with respect.

• Open communication. We’re here to help, and we are not going to tear your head off for talking to us. Please bring issues to us if you need help. Allowing something to fester helps nobody, and we cannot help if we don’t know about an issue.


Players can expect to receive responses to all communications directed to a staffer within the timeframes given below. If no response is received within this timeframe, email or @mail the entire staff at the addresses given above.

Apps: 5 days
Character Setup: 72 hours
Upgrade Requests: 72 hours
Player @mail Responses: 48-72 hours

We cannot guarantee that your issue will be resolved in that time, but you should receive a response within those timeframes.