Policy: Web Content

Some of the rich content that has been developed for FFMUX over the years is available on our web resources — the wiki and forums. This section covers policies for use of these resources.

Policy and Theme Pages

Certain pages on the wiki and all articles on the main website are protected from editing and may only be edited by a member of staff. All policy and theme pages will also be available on the game under the command ‘news’, and where the two conflict, the version in the ‘news’ command should be considered the authoritative version.

In practice, the two should be identical or nearly so. Discrepancies should be brought to the attention of staff.

Personal Character Pages

Players are responsible for the construction and editing of pages for only the characters they play. No player should edit another player’s character page without the express permission of that character’s player, and edits made without express permission of the responsible player may be reversed at the discretion of the player.

Some players have taken to adding addenda to their powers in their wiki pages. While this is not technically forbidden, the text in +powers is considered authoritative. FFMUX expects that any player using the wiki for +powers will either copy the text verbatim from +powers and add wiki formatting, or confine any additions to clarifications and flavor text only. Any attempt to extend a +power beyond its definition in +powers on the game will be construed as attempting to claim a power not authorized by staff and will be subject to retconning or disciplinary action as discussed in Powers.

Faction Pages

Facheads are responsible for the construction and upkeep of wiki pages regarding their factions. This includes, but is not limited to, describing culture and territories, providing RP hooks for members of their faction, and keeping up to date on political relations with other factions and world events. In the absence of a fachead, the appstaffer responsible for the area’s game of origin assumes responsibility for the page, although a player with an alt in the faction may be delegated to do so at the appstaffer’s option. Players who would like to do this should contact the appstaffer for the area’s game of origin.


Anyone visiting the forums can view articles posted to the General Discussion and Public boards. In order to reply to existing posts, create new posts, or view any additional boards, an approved registration is required. Forum registrations will be created by a member of staff upon player request, as long as the player has at least one approved character on FFMUX.

Unlike the website and wiki, the forums are intended for free-form content. Players are free to post articles on the appropriate boards with regard to Final Fantasy-related materials, links to other sites, news, or other materials which may be of interest to the playerbase. All posted material should adhere to the game’s general PG-13 rating.

Exception: Players who have +bday set and are over the age of 18 may request access to the NSFW (Not Safe For Work) board. Content on this board follows the same rules as the gutter channel for appropriateness. To request access to this board, @mail *Staff with your approved forum username and your request.


Players will use the same login to access the forums and the wiki. All players with one or more approved characters are entitled to a forum/wiki login, and these can be requested by @mailing the *Staff alias.