Policy: Strikes

FFMUX does not engage in OOC corrective action lightly or on a whim, or based on personal popularity. While we hope never to have to refer to this file, if corrective action is required, FFMUX normally works on a “three strikes and you’re out” system. A strike is a notation of the incident on your character that lasts for 12 months from the date of the strike, is visible only to staff, and indicates problem behavior on the part of the player. Strikes are given to a player, not a character, so a strike on one alt and then another strike on a different alt means that the player has two strikes against them.

NOTE: There are exceptions to this rule. Per the Acceptable Use Policy, staff reserves the right to ask any player to leave at any time, and to ban them from the server if such becomes necessary. This is not the preferred method, but the best interests of the server, the game, and the playerbase are paramount.

What Merits a Strike

These are the types of things for which staff will invoke strikes:

Harassment and Discriminatory Behavior: This includes harassment as defined in policy, racial, ethnic, gender, creed, or sexual preference slurs, or defamatory remarks about another player or staffer based on any of these criteria.

Violations of Law: Any activity occurring on the game or any other FFMUX resource that is against the law in the location of the server as described in the AUP.

Policy Violations: Violations of any policy listed in +policy for which a response is not otherwise defined.

Nuisance Behavior: Any repeated behavior that makes FFMUX a less enjoyable place to be or detracts from its storylines or player community. Behaviors that will always be viewed as “nuisance” will be notated as such in the policy files.

What Strikes Mean

A player issued three strikes in a 12-month period for any reason or set of reasons will be asked to relinquish all alts and leave the game, and the player will be provided decompiles of their characters upon request. Refusal will result in a siteban and an abuse complaint to the player’s ISP, and no decompiles will be provided.

Verbal Warnings

Depending on the situation, a player may be verbally warned about a behavior before a strike is issued. While no notation is made on-game, in no case will any player receive more than one (1) verbal warning about a given issue before a strike is issued.

Bypassing the Strike System

Some offenses pose an immediate threat to the server, staff, or playerbase, and must be dealt with summarily. Staff will bypass the strike system, remove players from the server immediately, and submit abuse complaints to a player’s ISP for these offenses. FFMUX also reserves the right to press criminal or civil charges if deemed appropriate. Staff can see a player’s IP address even after they disconnect from the game and will use all available information to protect the game and its players.

Hacking: This includes abuse of or threats to abuse the system, the network, the game code, or the softcode on the game to gain an unfair advantage, to gain unauthorized access to any FFMUX resource, or deny or attempt to deny access to any FFMUX resource to others (commonly termed a Denial of Service or DoS attack). This also includes attempts to return after being asked to leave the game.

Threatening Another Player or Staffer: Any player that threatens physical or psychological harm to another player or staffer or the server itself by means of any game resource for any reason will be removed from the server permanently and may face criminal or civil charges at FFMUX’s discretion.