Policy: AUP

This section outlines the FFMUX Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

This is the boring legal stuff, we know, but it’s important for our protection and yours that you read all of this and understand everything in it. By accepting this AUP prior to RP, you agree that you will be held responsible for the entire contents of this document, whether you actually read it or not.


Final Fantasy MUX (FFMUX) is a free-form role-playing environment that is supported and run by an organization of volunteers. Participation is free of charge to all players. No guarantee is made as to uptime, availability, quality of service, or suitability for the player’s purposes. Participation is at-will for all parties — players may leave at any time and for any reason, with or without prior notice; similarly, administrators may remove a player from the game and/or the server, at any time and for any reason, with or without prior notice.

The server on which this game resides is located in the state of Maryland, in the United States of America. As such, FFMUX is subject to the laws of all localities in which the server resides, and all players and staff must comply with these laws while connected to the game. By accepting these terms or participating in the game, you certify that your participation in this game does not violate any applicable national, state, or local laws.

By accepting this AUP, you understand that participation is entirely at your own risk, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the game administrators and the owner of the server on which FFMUX resides for any injury or adverse events of any kind arising from your participation in the game. The extent of your participation, except as defined in the news files, is solely at your own discretion.

Copyrighted Material

FFMUX is based on the Final Fantasy series of games, copyright Square-Enix, and all characters, settings, and world material that appear in any game or Square-Enix-published source material fall under that same copyright. No challenge to any existing trademarks or copyrights is intended or should be construed, and FFMUX claims the right to use such works in connection with this game under the Fair Use doctrine set forth in http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl102.html. The staff strongly encourages all players to purchase legitimate copies of the relevant games and source materials for the characters they want to play.

All original material that is created specifically for FFMUX, including but not limited to characters, building, descriptions, code, bboard posts, and wiki pages, belong to the game itself, and the staff reserve the non-exclusive right to use all such material as part of the game in perpetuity, regardless of whether the creator remains on the game or not. Only the creator of the work in question has permission to use any such material elsewhere, or to grant rights to another to use it elsewhere.

Age to Participate

United States law forbids Internet entities from accessing or requesting personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. Because our application process requires an email exchange between a prospective player and staff, and because staff requires a current, reachable address on file for you for as long as you play your character, we cannot allow children under the age of 13 to play on FFMUX. Therefore, by accepting the terms of this policy and/or by participating in FFMUX, you certify that you are 13 years of age or older and, if you are a legal minor in your place of residence, that you have parental permission to participate.

Adherence to Game Policy

All players and staff must adhere to all policies set forth in the policy files available on the game itself by typing the command ‘policy’. Failure to adhere to these policies may result in disciplinary action or removal from the game solely at the discretion of the administrators of FFMUX.

Game Content

The administrators of FFMUX make a good-faith effort to enforce the game’s rating as set forth in the policy files on the public areas of the game, including channels, roleplay and OOC rooms. The administrators shall not be held liable for any content viewed while participating in this game that does not meet the stated rating or is otherwise objectionable, including but not limited to strong language, descriptions of nudity, inappropriate links, or descriptions or discussions of violent or dangerous behavior. Administrators should be alerted if content outside of the game’s rating is witnessed.


The staff of FFMUX reserves the right and capability to monitor and log any player or room content for administrative, plot, or server purposes in any form available at the discretion of the administration. Players should have no expectation of privacy for any text submitted to the game or its ancillary information sources, such as the Wiki and the forums.