How to Connect

Already know how to connect? The information you need is

First Time Playing a MUX? Read This

Connecting to FFMux is easy! There are many free software programs—called clients—for Windows, Mac, and Linux you can use to connect to the game. One of the most popular is called MUSHclient, so our connection guide will focus on it! The basic instructions will apply to any client.

Step 1: Download the Client

The latest version of MUSHclient is available from Gammon Software’s download page.


Download the installer from the link shown and click “Save File.”


Step 2: Install the Client

Installing the client is as easy as clicking on the installation file from within your browser or downloads folder and letting your computer do the work. If you follow the default settings in most modern Windows systems, your new program will be installed to C:\Program Files (86x)\MUSHclient


Step 3: Set the Client to Connect to FFMux

Start MUSHClient and you’ll see a first-time start-up tip followed by this screen:


From here, go to File -> New World


The screen below is how you should fill out the options to connect to FFMux. Ignore the proxy settings! The TCP/IP Address is and the Port Number is 5403. Once you’ve OK’d these settings, you’ll never have to re-enter them. Instead, you can access FFMux through File -> Open World or the quick launch list that will appear on the File menu.


Once you’ll filled out the options, just click OK. You’ll automatically be connected to FFMux. It should look like this:


From here, you can enter commands in the window below the main screen. Follow the instructions to connect as a guest and learn how to talk to other users on the game. Players and staff will be happy to talk to you and answer your questions from here!