New Character Application

FFMux is now accepting new character applications and will re-open with a TP beginning 1 p.m. EST on March 13th, 2016!

Comments or questions are welcome.

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The title of your app should follow the format: Application - [Game Name] - [FC/NFC/OC] - Character Name

Include first name and last name, if applicable. Nicknames are optional.

Your character's race. Available races for each game are posted here.

Your character's class -- their profession or "role in life," sometimes the same as occupation.

Include details like height, weight, eye and hair color in 2-3 descriptive paragraphs.

For feature characters, this encompasses major life events from the beginning of their source material to the end. For original characters and canon characters without detailed histories, take creative license as needed to complete this section. Need clarification? Read the rules on Canon.

Outline the character's outlook on life. What makes him or her tick? What makes this person who and what they are? Do they have any unusual habits, noticeable body language or speech patterns, hobbies or interests? Tell us about them and don't be afraid to make the character your own!

Detail your character's plans, ambitions, and how he/she plans to get there. What do they want to accomplish? Why? Through what means? Give us an understanding of what kind of impact your character hopes to have on the world.

What do you, the player, intend to do with the character? Do you have any ideas for character and story development? Plots? Use this section to let the staff know what you want to accomplish as part of the roleplaying community.

Give an example of how you would pose as your character. Create a scenario/scene if needed. If you need help determining what we're talking about, log on the MUX and ask someone for help!

Powers: General Instructions

If your character is trained in the use of magic, please describe it. Note that the general rule is that starting characters will have 3-4 1st level spells or two 1st-level and one 2nd-level spell. Examples: First-level would be Cure, Fire, etc. whereas second-level would be Cura or Fira.

Powers: Summons
If your character is trained in summoning, etc., please mention which summon you would like to have. Note that the most powerful summons can only be acquired through questing from within the game. Your character may gain the ability to summon several different creatures, but can begin with only one.

Powers: Special Physical Abilities
Unusual physical abilities such as super strength, speed, or skill with a weapon should be described here -- all skills that do not depend on magic ability. You can discuss your character's notable weaknesses as well!

A real name or nickname we can use to contact you.

Your birthdate or age is visible only to staff and is used to ensure compliance with federal law.

Every player on FFMux must have an active email account associated with them for emergency contact.

How long have you been RPing? What kinds of games do you RP the most? Have you ever staffed?

If you have any existing characters on FFMux, please list them here.

Optionally, please list characters on other games.