What is a MUX?

A MUX (Multi-User eXperience) is a special chat-like program that gives you the chance to immerse yourself in a fantasy world fully realized in text.

Just like your favorite book, a MUX uses words to show you the setting and action. In a MUX, your character is part of the story: You collaborate with other players to create your own thrilling adventures, uncover intriguing storylines, and even explore the day-to-day life of your characters.

We call the fun and exciting process of collaborative storytelling “roleplaying” (RP) because most of what you write will be from the perspective of a character maintained by you and only you. You step into the role of that character and portray him or her as you see fit.

If you’ve ever RPed in a chat room like Yahoo or IRC, some aspects of MUX will be familiar:

  • You will RP with many different players who each have their own character.
  • You will decide on your character’s thoughts and actions and express them.
  • You might face monsters, villains, or other dangerous situations in combat.

A MUX is a little bit different, though:

  • Instead of one-line statements, you’ll portray your character through 3-4 line “poses.”
  • Instead of having a GM, most combat and other conflicts are resolved collaboratively.
  • Instead of one short “storyline of the day,” there’s an ongoing storyline to discover.
  • Instead of just one room, the entire world has its own separate rooms and objects.

There’s a lot to say about roleplaying on a MUX, but the best way to learn more is to try it out for yourself. You can connect to Final Fantasy MUX as a guest to talk to players and staff, get your questions answered, and get ready to apply for your own character.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Final Fantasy Mux is available at ffmux.play-hookey.com:5403