The Story Thus Far

Final Fantasy MUX is the oldest continuously-operating Final Fantasy roleplaying game on the Internet, so the story has spanned generations of players and characters! To get started on the new and improved Final Fantasy MUX: From the Ashes, here’s what you need to know …

The New Beginning

More than 15 years ago, a great cataclysm swept across the worlds of Final Fantasy, endangering people and places all across the universe. To protect the lives entrusted into their care, the Espers banded together to create a new world – the “Converged World” – made from fragments of all the others.

Here, the few the Espers could save were spared from the cataclysm and left to start a new life.

Newcomers would arrive in this world daily, plucked from their homes at some point in their own lives and deposited in the unfamiliar new world. While many built new lives here, others were pulled away and returned to their past lives, almost as if the Convergence never happened for them.

As unpredictable as it was, great heroes still banded together to make the most of it.

Towns and cities grew; magic flourished; myths and histories were protected from oblivion.

But the Converged World was never stable, and it was beset by danger and hardship. Great nations rose and fell, swept away on a whim by the wild magic that held the world together. Places like Midgar, Baron, Balamb, Vector, Figaro, and many others sought to protect the unbalanced world, but even the greatest hero was not safe.

The Convergence could claim anyone at any time: And it shone like a beacon to monsters hungry for destruction.

Over the years, great adventurers fought against the Sin, Shinryu, and other legends so great and powerful even one could have plunged a fragile world into darkness. Yet, through it all, hope preserved – though there was no sign the patchwork world would ever truly become a home that could replace what so many had lost.

And there was no further word from the espers … the Convergence’s true nature was a mystery.

Now, a new Convergence has overthrown the tenuous order so many fought for, introducing a handful of survivors to a world where all their questions may at last be answered … and the stakes have never been higher.