Policies & Rules

Players should familiarize themselves with FFMux’s policies and rules files below. All players are expected to know the rules, especially the rules on Activity and Consent! Players who choose not to follow the rules may be asked to leave the game, as outlined in the rules on Strikes.

  • AUP: The Acceptable Use Policy defines lawful use of the game and its resources.
  • Activity: These rules govern the level of RP activity expected of all FFMux players.
  • Advertising: Guidelines for posting ads for other roleplaying games on FFMUX.
  • Alts: Applying for and maintaining more than one (“alternative”) characters.
  • Canon: About creative license in portrayals of existing (“canon”) characters.
  • Consent: FFMux’s “Golden Rule” for every RP interaction with others.
  • Courtesy: General standards of behavior and how to treat other players.
  • Decompiles: Accessing and storing the code that makes up your character.
  • Game Content: How mature RP and adult content fits into FFMux.
  • IC and OOC: Separating “in-character” and “out-of-character” behavior.
  • Player-Run Plots: Under construction!
  • Powers: All about magic, summons, and other kinds of character skills.
  • Staff: Expectations staff must follow, and timetables for basic services.
  • Strikes: Outlines staff’s response to player rule-breaking.
  • Web Content: About the FFMux website, Wiki, and forums.