Policy: Advertising

FFMUX encourages our players to share information about other games, places, and even commissions and artist sales that may be of interest to our playerbase. However, FFMUX also recognizes that not everyone is interested in advertising of this nature, and in keeping with the expectation of courteous behavior among players, asks that players be respectful of other players’ preferences.

For any given game, a player may post one (1) text advertisement on our Advertising bboard on the game. This advertisement must meet the following requirements:

• Please no TS-primary games.

• The advertisement itself must adhere to the PG-13 rating for FFMUX. (The game doesn’t have to.)

• It must be posted on the Advertising board only. It will be taken down if it is posted on any other board.

• Players should limit their promotional activities solely to the bboard post and to answering questions posed to them by other players. Use of @doing, canvassing players in a public forum, and other more aggressive methods of advertising are not generally in keeping with the spirit of opt-in, mutual advertising and as such are not permitted.

We also ask that, in return, the player post our advertisement on the game in question, subject to their rules. Please abide by the rules of the game in question in doing so! If their rules forbid advertising of other games (this is rare), we ask that their advertisement not be posted on FFMUX.