Policy: Alts

FFMUX does not place a restriction on the number of alts a single player may have, but all alts must be linked to the same registered email address set using +semail. Players are not required to reveal their alts to other players, and staff will keep this information confidential unless the player makes the information public themselves. Deliberately hiding an alt from staff will result in the immediate loss of the character(s) involved and, in cases where this hiding is used to violate alt interaction policy, will result in a strike against the player.

Players are required to keep the email address set in +semail current and reachable. This will be used for official staff communications, and this email address will be used to attempt to reach you in the event of adverse events such as server downtime or activity issues. FFMUX does not sell these or anything else, does not make these public, and will never spam you; these are used only in the event of emergency.

Types of Alts

FFMUX designates three major classes of characters, each with varying application and activity requirements. See Activity for more information on activity requirements.

FC (Feature Character)

These are named characters from the original games. Any character with a name, a backstory, and a known power set, regardless of power level within the game, is classified as an FC. All heroes and villains from the games fall into this category.

Players who apply for and are granted an FC are expected to adhere to their character’s canon (their personality and background) as set forth in their application and described in their game of origin. See Canon for more information.

OC (Original Character)

These are characters who hail from either the Converged World or any game world who are not named or represented directly in the game’s storyline, but who have a power set similar to that of an FC. A character created fresh for FFMUX who was once a member of the Returners but was never named would be considered an OC.

NFC (Non-Feature Character)

These characters have no power set, but have at least a name and may or may not have any backstory associated with them in their canon. These characters do not receive +powers, but do not require application. A good example of an NFC is Marlene from the original FF7, although she becomes an FC if apped from the timeline of Advent Children.

Alt Interaction

FFMUX does not permit two alts played by the same player to interact or to be placed in situations where they must necessarily interact, and players are expected to take steps to keep their alts from interacting. For example:

• No player may have have two FC alts in the same faction, because there is virtually no way to avoid interaction between the two.

• FFMUX discourages having two alts in directly opposing factions from the same world (e.g. Avalanche and Shinra, Empire and Returners, etc.) Avoiding such interaction is very difficult, but if you think you can make it work, make a pitch to your appstaffer.

• A player of a given FC may not also play that FC’s primary nemesis, e.g. Cloud and Sephiroth.

Similarly, two alts played by the same player may not engage in collusion or business transactions of any kind, even through a third party. This constitutes using one alt to benefit another and is forbidden.

A player with many alts is expected to meet the minimum activity requirements for all alts registered to them.