Policy: Decompiles

All players are encouraged to maintain decompiles of their characters offline, either on their computers or elsewhere. A decompile is a listing of all the commands that would be required to recreate your character from scratch. These can save your sanity in the event of a server crash, MUX corruption, or other disaster. While staff maintains full offline backups of all game resources on a weekly basis, rollbacks can and do happen.

To create a decompile of your character, turn on a log in the client of your choice, type ‘+decompile’, and page through to the end of the output. Turn off the log and save it somewhere safe, preferably in a separate folder from roleplay logs. (Note that creating a decompile does NOT destroy or otherwise affect your character.)

In the event that your character is removed for inactivity or voluntary departure, a full decompile will be emailed to the registered email address on file for the character. If you wish to return to the game in the future, you will need to reapply for the character but may be able to use the decompile to restore your character upon approval.