Policy: Game Content

The public areas of FFMUX — including the OOC Concourse, grid areas, and any channel visible in @clist — should adhere to a PG-13 rating as defined by the MPAA. This means that strong language, gory violence, torture, open drug use, and sexually explicit material are out of place in these areas. FFMUX does from time to time have players who are minors or for whom such material is genuinely inappropriate.

The occasional swear word in RP may be acceptable depending on who you RP with. It is good practice to ask before using profanity in your poses, and such should be edited to cuss marks or similar before posting.

Mature RP

While FFMUX does not explicitly forbid RP with more mature content (e.g. TinySex or TS), please bear in mind that FFMUX is not a TS-primary game and that canon rules apply to all such RP. RP that does not fit the PG-13 rating should be confined to private areas and is not considered suitable for publication on any medium, including players’ personal pages.

Remember: TS is, in effect, written pornography. All TS participants on FFMUX must be of legal age to view or engage in pornography in their place of residence, and all characters involved must be 18 years of age or older to ensure compliance with United States law regarding child pornography.

Players engaging in RP of this type should consider turning off the recall code. 🙂


FFMUX does acknowledge that the vast majority of our playerbase are mature adults, and that most of us appreciate the more racy humor and material on occasion. For these players, a channel exists on FFMUX called ‘InTheGutter’ or, as players commonly term it, gutterchan. The content rules for Gutterchan are much more relaxed, and tend to be governed less by rating than by what its denizens deem acceptable.

A player must be 18 years of age and must have their birthdate declared to staff using the +bday command to join or speak on Gutterchan. Players on this channel should expect to see vulgar or crude humor, sexual innuendo, links that are not safe for the workplace, and topics of discussion that would be inappropriate anywhere else. A player that is offended by the current topic is expected to peacefully withdraw from the channel.

That said — if everyone withdraws from the channel, it means that the topic under discussion is acceptable to nobody and should cease. In this case, it should not be brought up again.

As noted in Courtesy — racist, sexist, creed-based, and homophobic slurs are never acceptable anywhere on FFMUX or its supporting resources, including on this channel.