Author Topic: Plains Dungeon TP 4/30!  (Read 824 times)


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Plains Dungeon TP 4/30!
« on: April 15, 2016, 10:46:51 pm »
I'm going to be running a TP on Saturday, April 30, at 1 pm. You know you want to attend!

After the death of the huge worm beast out on the plains west of the unnamed city, its death throes uncovered a tunnel leading deep into the earth, one hollowed out and reinforced by sentient hands! The people of the unnamed city struggle for both resources and answers; and this sort of hidden place just might have some of both! It will surely have dangers, though, and the weak of will need not apply.

Do you have what it takes? Join your fellow adventurers and brave the darkness!

Feel free to @mail *Staff to let us know you'll be attending. Thanks!
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