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Use Policy

The Play-Hookey Website is under ongoing development in the hope that it will prove useful and helpful to people interested in learning any of the technical topics and concepts covered on the site. To this end, any school, college, university, or library is welcome to use the pages on the Play-Hookey Website as an adjunct to any course of study they may have. I hereby grant permission to such institutions and their duly designated instructors to link to or bookmark my pages and to refer their students to my pages as they may see fit.

Students are also welcome to point to my site in their homework assignments, although I would appreciate it if they would include proper credit if they do so. However, I will not solve their homework assignments for them, nor provide detailed schematics or instructions for school projects and assignments. I'm glad to help students learn, but that includes making students do their own work.

In addition, any Website whose content is related somehow to mine is welcome to link to appropriate pages of mine. No further permission is required for this.

The interactive demonstrations incorporated into some pages on this site make use of dynamic HTML in a number of ways. The stylesheets and JavaScript functions involved are available only in conjunction with the online pages. They are not available on a standalone basis for use off line.

To help determine which of the pages on this site are most popular, which ones are accessed regularly through search engines, and which ones are accessed through links from other sites, I maintain full access logs for this site. From time to time, I may share with others such statistics as which pages are most requested and which ones are most often accessed or linked. I will never share information on who accessed a page or when, nor from which site any given user was referred. Your privacy is fully respected here, and will be maintained.

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