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Early Life

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The eldest of three daughters, Hailey was born to Alana and Samuel Alivette roughly seventeen years ago. Her parents were a mechanic and a fisherwoman, living in Fisherman's Horizon who'd met while he was working on the engine for one of her boats.

Her early years were in relative comfort. She was a happy little daddy's girl, often spending her time watching him in his workshop - he had made a rocking high chair for her, since her mother was often out on the boat with her employees.

At least, until the second Alivette daughter was born. Tabitha Alivette effectively stole Hailey's spotlight from her, and at the age of four she found that she would have to start entertaining herself - she did this by trying to take apart as many of her father's machines as she could, having very little success but reveling in it when she would manage to even remote a screw from this thing or that.

The rivalry between Hailey and Tabitha grew as - to support a growing family - her father had to start taking jobs outside of the home's workshop. Now, not only was her mother off in the ocean what seemed like all the time, but her father was being taken away, too! In his place was a babysitter, who Tabitha adored (she looked like a princess~) but Hailey didn't. The girl didn't understand her ever-growing fascination with machines and tried to keep her away from them.

Still, she enjoyed being with her father when he /was/ home, and by the age of six was serving at his assistant when he /did/ work from home. Admittedly, she didn't do /too/ much assisting. Passing him various tools, taking apart and putting together Very Safe things. The jobs at home were few and far between, but they'd set her on the right track to follow in her father's footsteps.

It was also about that time when Alana became pregnant with her third child, and Samuel knew he would have to make longer treks to make the amount of money he'd need to support his wife and three children. One such job - a long-term contract with Galbadia's army - would see him gone for several months, bringing him home just in time for the birth of his third child.

When Alana was in labor in the hospital, the mother and her two daughters waited for Samuel to walk through the door... but he never did. Daria Alivette was born that night, but something inside Alana and Hailey both died. Suddenly thrust into a crisis financially, Alana sold the house and workshop, and the four women took to living on her fishing boat.

Hailey still enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together - it reminded her of happier times - but her mother couldn't stand it. Her mechanical prodigy reminded her too much of her lost husband, and she tried to force Hailey to stop. Tabitha had taken well to fishing - much like Hailey had to machines - so why couldn't the eldest daughter do the same?

Hailey refused time and time again, and it was driving Alana mad. Between financial constraints and the memory of her husband being thrust in her face, the woman sailed off to Balamb one day, and left Hailey in the care of it's Garden. They'd teach her what she wanted so desperately to know, her mother had told her.

A New Family

In fact, they did. Things couldn't have worked out better considering the circumstances. Hailey excelled in her mechanical training - the choice to train her as an engineer was a no-brainer, and it wouldn't be long until she became a mentor for some of the less-technologically inclined students, both older and younger.

On the physical side, however... not so much. She wasn't a terribly strong or speedy girl, so fighting with her fists wasn't that great a solution. When they tried to give her a sword, she would send the sword flying and fall over with just about every swing. A gun was tried, but the poor girl was horribly nearsighted and, while with her glasses she was a good shot, they would often fall off when she tried to run and shoot at the same time. Terribly inconvenient in a battle situation.

After many other weapons were tried with similar failure, she was eventually given a shotgun. While it's recoil would knock her back, it had a widespread attack range that would serve her well to fight without her eyewear and diminish - if not eliminate - that particular handicap.

The events that saw Squall and company go on to save the world had little effect on Hailey's own life at first. She manned the turret of one of the gunboats in Dollet - the boats did the moving, so losing her glasses wasn't a huge concern, but after that mission she returned to Garden to continue her training.

As she grew more confident in her abilities, her personality evolved as well. The girl who once was a happy, carefree grease monkey had become aware of her intelligence and developed a sharp wit, preferring to keep company with machines that she could control than people who she couldn't. She was at home in Garden's garage.

The garage was even where she made her stand during Balamb's civil war, shotgun in hand she tried to refuse both sides entrance to where they might damage her precious machines but was eventually overwhelmed and rendered unconscious.


One can imagine her surprise when she was jolted awake, finding herself in the infirmary and the first thing she hears is that Garden crashed. Yes, /that/ Garden, the one that she had been living in almost half of her life had actually CRASHED into something. Not into just any something, but into the place where she had been living the /other/ half of her life, Fisherman's Horizon.

After recovering from the initial shock that Garden had suddenly become mobile, she burst out into the city to find out everything she could. She found troubling news. The Mayor was ordering the SeeDs to /leave/ under fears that they'd cause trouble. The very thought incensed her.

She also found another shock, however... when she went to her old home, Hailey found her family living there, with the familiar boat docked nearby. While she had intended only to stay long enough to say hi and pick up some of her father's old tools so that she could join in on the restoration efforts - she was never that close with the other women in her family - that wasn't what occurred.

Instead, she found that her father /had/ returned from Galbadia after two years. The Galbadians had imprisoned him under suspicion of theft - which he was later cleared of - but when he'd come back Hailey had already been dropped off in Balamb. It was an emotional reunion for the pair, and they worked on restoring Garden together, and spent even their free time together.

It was true, Hailey /had/ a family to return to... but it wasn't the one in Fisherman's Horizon. Garden had been good to her, and she wasn't about to leave them to go home. While she was home, her father noticed the propensity for her glasses falling and fashioned the lenses into a pair of goggles. Bound with an adjustable strap, it wouldn't be as likely that she would find herself blinded.

After his release from prison, Samuel had also gone to work for the Galbadian army designing weapons - and shared with his oldest daughter an idea that hadn't seen the light of day for a weapon that would propel explosives for distance. It never saw use because instead of launching the explosives, during the launching process the explosives would become very live and often harm the soldier firing rather than the target.

Hailey, gifted with machines as she was took this as a challenge. After Garden became functional once more, she took it upon herself to figure out exactly what was wrong with the propulsion device and /fix/ it. The answer was simple - her father, gifted more with engines than weapons had been using gunpowder to propel the explosives. Her fix involved a high-powered system of fans - it took away some of the distance, but would still shoot objects across the battlefield with great precision.

Even better, she had redesigned it in segments so that it could be carried like a backpack, and not only grenades, either. She could launch rocks, knives, pastries... the possibilities were endless (...as long as they could fit into the loading tube!), and this was a very satisfying accomplishment for her.

Tests: Her Mortal Enemy

Resuming her training with her own personal weapon, she tested for SeeD at the age of sixteen on a reconnaissance mission to Galbadia, hired by some of the country's enemies. After all, led by Squall or not, SeeD still needed to make money! The mission was a complete failure, however - two of her fellow cadets were killed while they were trying to break into a secure location. A fate Hailey and her remaining partner would have shared had she not managed to hot wire a motorcycle and escape.

Disgraced by failure, the brilliant little SeeD returned to Garden to study once more in hopes of passing the exam the next time she would take it, though not eager at all to face that occasion before she /knew/ she could pass it. Failing wasn't something that Hailey was used to, and she didn't care for it at all. With /her/ brains, there should have been no test she couldn't pass! ...at least that's the way /she/ saw it.

She started spending more time in the Training Centre, learning how to fight better so that next time, she would pass the test for sure next time, even if she had to defeat an entire army to do so! ...her second attempt was hardly against that, though. She and some other prospective SeeDs were sent out to capture some monsters for the Training Centre. It was supposed to be one of the easier tests in recent history.

She failed again, but in a extraordinary fashion. When her group encountered the first monster they were to capture, they had just about caught the thing when she saw a bright flash of light and felt a brief feeling of weightlessness. That feeling went away when her sight returned - she was on the inside of a dorm that she didn't recognize and falling fast.

A Whole New World

She landed with a thud upon the dorm's occupant - a male cadet who /had/ been sleeping peacefully. Shrieking with surprise, Hailey ran from the room and back into the hallway, thinking that aside from some horrible teleportation mishap, nothing else had gone wrong. How little she actually knew...

Her time in the Converged World was everything she expected life to be like as a SeeD... full of adventure, most notably SeeD's involvement in the attempts to overthrow Maester Yevon of Luca, culminating in being relegated to serve as then-Headmistress Crede's assistant.

Upon the Fourth Convergence and the emergence of SeeD as less of a force that promised it's members the opprotunity to see everything the world had to offer and more, in Hailey's view, the city watch... the eccentric engineer chose to essentially drop out from her role as a SeeD cadet and leave behind her 'second' family... leaving to explore the world and all the knowledge it has to offer her.

For the good of her world, for the good of the world... and most importantly for her /own/ good, as during the Third Convergence she had come to rely on the strength of another, a fellow SeeD cadet by the name of Aisha. The Fourth Convergence had left her alone, without Aisha, without her minions, and trying to regain her strength and peace of mind.

The girl who was as subtle as a stick of dynamite dove into her studies, travelling the world to learn more about the one thing that could never abandom her because she could always make more; technology. She started in Midgar, and travelled the world from there, keeping to herself when possible and expanding her knowledge. She had been in Bhujerba when the world fell, being one of the grateful few to see it all end; feeling it appropriate she would leave the Converged World as she entered it; falling.

Her peace was to be short-lived, however, as her story wasn't over yet.

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First and foremost, Hailey is a grease monkey. Not much of a girly-girl, she's often found dirty from working on one machine or another, and from doing the majority of the work herself.

On that note, she's also quite the perfectionist. Having realized that yes, she is smarter than most people (by her own declaration if not in truth), she holds herself to a higher standard than most, and is - to say the least - less than thrilled when she fails at something.

By that same token, she does have a certain amount of ego to her, and little patience for people who are doing things wrong. She's very vocal about her opinions and occasionally just doesn't know /when/ to shut up.

She's also a natural-born leader with a forceful personality, capable of imposing her will on some individuals who are weaker-minded or have issues with low self-esteem.

The best way to get on her good side is simple: compliments are highly appreciated when they're sincere, and she likes to think she can tell. Her biggest pet peeve - not counting her glasses falling off - is when someone points out a mistake in something she was involved in. A defect in a machine, a flaw in a plan... it all annoys her terribly.

Battle Abilities


Hailey prefers to fight her battles from a distance, which considering that she uses a projectile weapon to fight isn't a huge surprise. She also prefers to use non-explosive projectiles in her bazooka, relying on impact rather than explosive power. If one were to get up close to her... she'd be limited to swinging the bazooka at people. Which, as the large tube doesn't leave her very mobile when she's using it, can be very difficult for her and advantageous for an opponent

Weapon of Choice

Hailey Attack.gif

Hailey's weapon of choice is what she calls a bazooka - a tubular weapon she mounts on her shoulder to fire projectiles at enemies. As far as those projectiles, while anything that would fit in the loading tube /could/ conceivably be fired out at people, she usually carries about seven baseball-sized objects - of clay (4-5) and steel (1-2), as well as a couple of concussion grenades for...

Limit Break - Hailey's Comet

When desperate times call for desperate measures, Hailey learns how to fly. More specifically, she pops a pair of concussion grenades into the mouth of her bazooka, screws on a metal 'lid' and aims it at the ground. With only a small hole for the force to escape from, the resulting explosion propels the cadet impossibly high into the air.

Naturally, what goes up has to come down, but part of the initial launch is a mental calculation to figure out where they'd have to aim to land on an enemy. But not only land on an enemy, but land on an enemy with incredible cosmic force! (read: force of her weight being pulled down at the Earth by it's gravitational pull). As this can be a painful tactic which leaves her in close range, she tries to keep it for emergencies and finishing blows only.


Without a Guardian Force being junctioned to utilize her Garden training with Draw Points, Hailey's been forced to re-evaluate how she defends herself in dangerous situations, and thanks to some Spiran traders she met on a boat ride she was able to put her ingenuity to use and substitute items - shot at targets from her bazooka - for the spells she can no longer use. On a typical day, she carries:

Hailey Electro Marble.gif Electro Marble: Her favorite offense, targets hit by the electric spheres are dealt electric damage equivalent to a first level 'Thunder' spell.

Hailey Sleeping Powder.gif Dream Powder: For getting out of a sticky situation, a blast of this dust will put a target to sleep with the effectiveness of a 'Sleep' spell.

Hailey Smoke Bomb.gif Smoke Bomb: "I am Hailey's equalizing vengeance." Conversely, when she sees the odds aren't in her favor, but could be with a turn in the right direction, a well-directed smoke bomb can Blind a group of enemies.

Hailey Potion.gif Potion: Catering to Hailey's ironic sense of humor, she's taken to carrying around several potions... which like all of her 'use' items, are loaded into her bazooka, and launched at targets in a painful manner that's only a little less effective than a normally delivered potion.

Special Abilities

What, you thought I was some kinda dummy?

Hailey Normal.png

Genius: Hailey is a lot of bluff and bluster... but there's seeds of truth in her claims. She really /is/ very smart when it comes to machines and was one of the brightest members of Garden. With the right tools she can safely dismantle the majority of machines to salvage the parts... or simply disarm that laser that's going to decimate her team left unattended, or put it back together so that it can decimate her foes. She's also very good at learning to use machines that she's unfamiliar with, able to adapt to new technology through her love of it faster than the average Joe. Finally, the 'Machine Queen' is also capable of creating her own designs for new technology with some degree of success.


"I HAVE NO WEAKN-- hey, where'd you go?!"

Hailey No Glasses.png

Nearsighted: Eyes too sensitive to wear contacts, vision too horrible to see more than blurs without lenses. Hailey is forced to wear corrective lenses to function properly in her day to day tasks, whether the goggles she wears on missions or in the shop, or the glasses she wears off-duty. Take away her second set of eyes, and gain a huge advantage as all of her combat abilities require being able to tell friend from foe!


All of her relationships are from what she remembers before she converged yet again. Some of it will likely change drastically.

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Foreign Leaders

Yu Yevon - Zanarkand: Look, pal. I'd say the trying to kill you thing was strictly business, but when your hokey religion messes with MY machines? We got problems.

King Edgar Figaro - Figaro: You've got a helluva brain, buddy. Wish we could've had more time to collaborate...

President Rufus Shinra - Midgar: You. I wasn't in Midgar for all that long, but the stories I heard were inspirational. If the new convergence brings you around? I think I wanna meet you.


Achenar: Hyne, your optimism was nearly insufferable. I think I would've gone mad if I were trapped in a room with you and Selphie.... well, maybe.

Selphie Tilmitt: See Achenar. On the plus side, you didn't bring that annoying little girl and the Edgar-lite Knight around, so those are points in your favor.

Headmistress Miranda Crede - Balamb: Of all the people you could've conscripted, it was /me/ you decided to make your assistant? It's Machine /Queen/, you witch. Just because I pushed your little brother around...

Joss Crede: Probably my loyalest minion, though I think you carried a blowtorch for me, Crede. Even still, wish you were around... and I'll deny it a hundred times if I'm asked.

Kristian York: You always looked up to me, York. Always with the questions, but you did what I said anyways, and that's the part that mattered. Wish you were around, too.

Aisha: Ai... more than anyone, I want you to come back to me, and I think I need you now more than ever. I don't think the Convergence works that way, though.

The Non-Minions

Chione: For a little girl, you didn't act your age in the slightest. If you were older, you might've been qualified to be one of my minions, though.

Cary: Never really met you face to face, but always saw you hanging around with Chione and Achenar... and I heard a few other things about you from some of the girls around Garden. Including a weakness for some kinda blue drink? Whatever.

Non-SeeD Minions

Reeve Tuesti: Breaking you out of prison was a blast - literally, and you were a pretty smart guy. Wouldn't mind working with you again either.