Rinoa's Convergence

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This is the logged record of the RP session on Wednesday, March 16, 2016, on Final Fantasy MUX. The scene itself takes place early in the morning following the events described in The Aftermath. Characters present: Cadence, Eiko, Farly, Rinoa, and Vaan

What was That?

All is quiet in the stone building where people have gathered for shelter through the night. Most of the folks are still asleep this early in the morning, but a few people are stirring, taking care of morning business, etc. Nothing worrisome has appeared to dispute their posession of this space.

Suddenly, a violent sound is heard from the west, where the party first found themselves after the world went completely nuts. Not quite an explosion, but for more than a simple impact. Those who are awake hurry back to see what has happened....

The survivors will have found an excellent provider in Vector's Cadence Rhiannis. Her days have been spent hunting and gathering, but only for what is needed; she's not about to sully this new 'world' with greed. People needed her; she needed people. Everyone needs one another more than ever.

Stripped of her armor due to an overnight attempt to repair it, Cadence dons the black mid-thigh-length catsuit that she normally wears beneath said armor. The meager remains of her diaphanous cape, she has wrapped around her head like a sort of bandana to keep her hair in order. The Dragoon is awake at this early hour, and the sound of impact has not escaped her. Having perched upon the building in which many rest, Cadence departs the roof with a powerful leap. She calls forth her magic swiftly; this allows her to gracefully glide westward.

As the explosion sounds, Vaan leaps from his bed to his feet , conveniently already completely dressed from having passed out on the night watch. Quite dextrous, but also running on instinct and fumes, Vaan nearly stumbles over his own feet a few times before he finally manages to break into a westward sprint, his metal equipment shaking with every step.

Farly keeps to the air, flying back westward. Someone could all too easily be hurt, and may well need healing. Flying as fast as he can, he's traveling faster than he could possibly run on those short legs, but it still takes time. He pulls out his oversized wrench as he goes, ready to cast as needed.

As the noise settles, a sharp, repeated barking starts sounding through the ruins as well. Almost certainly canine in nature, and quite likely the sort from a mid-sized domesticated breed. It's coming from the same area at the moment- and a few later an indistinct human voice- a youngish woman by the sound of it- begins calling -something- out repeatedly, searchingly. A little far and echoey to quite tell -what- just yet.

Vaan continues running towards the sound of the explosion, hand tightly grasping the sheathed blade at his hip incase the barking isn't from something friendly. He's got no reference for "Small Domesticated Breeds", he's never seen one. As the womans voice calls out over the air, Vaan immediately diverts towards it. If there's someone out here and a monster, it'd probably be best to get to the one in danger first.

Having covered much ground, Cadence lands carefully... just in time to be joined by more folks who see fit to check things out! Vaan, and Farly! Grateful for their prompt response, the woman keeps up with them with her long-legged stride. On one hand, her extended trident; she hopes that a battle is not on the horizon! But alas.. there is.. barking?

Recognizing the sound as indeed something domesticated as opposed to feral, Cadence is nonetheless wary. Fierce malachite eyes narrow within a fringe of black lashes. She makes her approach careful so as to not startle the dog and, as she realizes with some alarm... the woman who calls out!

She retracts her trident quickly, for if this is another survivor... she does not want to approach with a polearm, crackling with electricity. c.c;

Arriving at the location of the barking and the wonan's voice, Farly remains in the air, hopefully out of reach of the dog in case (s)he jumps at the moogle. After all, even a domesticated dog can get violent when protecting its master, or mistress in this case.

In any case, as Farly approaches, he calls out, "Are you all right, kupo? Or perhaps injured? We're here to help, kupo!"

In the clearing they come to is an odd scene- and a complete lack of the source of the human voice. A mid-sized dog runs around a smoking pile of metal, barking furiously and growling. She takes a hop back as the pile begins to move finally- creaking and groaning and screeching with damage and scraping metal. A yellowy, fat humanoid robot of sorts, it rises to its feet unsteadily, slightly lopsided- and a laser flies awry from it, aggressively scorching a line through the rubble.

(The monster/robot is GIM47N from Final Fantasy 8)

Vaan grinds to a halt as he enters the clearing, casting a curious look at the Robot and the dog. He draws his sword, it's thin black blade immediately igniting with black fire as it connects with the air. He eyes the robot carefully, taking sidesteps as he attemps to encircle the machine. It hasn't done anything to endanger the group yet, so he's taking the cautious route.

Vaan nearly falls over as the laser scorches the rubble. Holding up his sword, he lets out a battle cry as he rushes the machine, giving his sword a mighty swing...

A mighty swing that does not connect.. It was a feint to try and put the machine off-guard as Vaan starts reaching his hands into each and every crevice he can find, looking for anything he can take. (Technick: Steal.)

How dare that.. that /thing/ scorch the rubble! Sure, the place is abandoned and in various states of decay... but it sure is beautiful, and nobody has business causing damage to these ruins! Cadence narrows her eyes at this decidedly foreign contraption; she knows nothing of Galbadian technology or Galbadia itself. All she knows is that she heard commotion, there is a dog running and barking.. and this machine is not here to be benevolent. Cadence watches the scene urgently, albeit carefully; Vaan rushes forth first to feint and yoink! She does not wish to catch the young man in the crossfire of her spell.

"Watch out!" She cries.

Assuming that Vaan moves away following his technique (hopefully wth spoils X3 ), Cadence levels her extended trident and hurls a Thunder spell in the direction of the machine!

Well! Blasting out with a laser beam certainly qualifies as hostile intent. Accordingly, Farly hovers to the side of the machine where he has a clear shot at it, and readies a spell of his own. He gradually glows with an odd purplish-yellowish energy, as he points his wrench at the robot. Suddenly he calls out, "Thunder, kupo!" and the energy travels down the wrench and out towards the robot.

There isn't a great deal hidden in the cracks and crevices of the rusted machine- it's rather ailing as it is, and doesn't have much need fo-- wait a moment. There it is! It's... a small case, rattling with -something- inside. A cursory check will reveal a couple of gil pieces- fat lot of good that will do here- and... a bunch of spare screws and bolts, in rather good condition compared to the rest of the machine. Replacement parts, perhaps.

Each thunder spell causes a seizing of sorts in the machine- a wild jerking as circuits and motors are overloaded by the electricity. A loud BANG noise from inside, and an apparent limiting of its range of motion in one arm makes the damage all the more pronounced. In response, it begins lurching forward unsteadily, ignoring the scared-but-loud dog in favour of starting to draw closer to the party. As it does, a soft whirring begins to grow louder- and a deafening, rapid series of BLAMs fire a hail of bullets at the attacking party- they've given it something to focus on!

"Angel-- OH!" comes the woman's voice, coming from up atop some of the rubble. Surprised and confused all at once, the blue-clad young woman starts descending in careful hops with some experience, moving for the dog primarily. She reaches into a pack-- and apparently does -not- find what she was hoping to, as she shakes her head and pulls on a blue wrist-mounted... some kind of blade anyways. Worry about that later! Haywire old forgotten robot first!

Vaan leaps away from the machine as the spells strike, grinning smugly as he surveys what he stole, tucking the box away into his vest. He looks up just in time to find the machine preparing to make it rain bullets. He makes a nimble roll to the side, attempting to get out of the line-of-site of the machine, but as he rolls, several bullets strike his leg. His armor stops some, and slows others.


Apparently not by enough. He winces, but manages to remain standing despite the pain, as he limps backwards, trying to create some distance. He's clearly bleeding from the hits, but he's not as bad off as would be expected from being loaded full of bullets.

Vaan pauses, taking a moment to compose himself for something. He closes his eyes, focusing hard as magical energy begins to well up within him. A light, blue glow overtakes his aura, flickering occasionally. He flashes a cocky smile as he brandishes his sword once more, prepared for a more serious fight. (Ability: Dervish.)

Moar electricity! Cadence quickly directs her attention toward whomever cast that additional Thunder spell: Farly! Inwardly thanking the moogle, the Dragoon shifts her focus once more. Because 'lo, there's the source of the voice-that-she-heard-but-could-not-initially-see...!

The young lady, clad in blue, makes her appearance! Down the rubble she scales, readying herself as she moves for the frantic dog. The Dragoon pulls her trident back from the offensive stance, and instead begins to concentrate. Rather than casting a second spell outward, Cadence wills the electrical energy along the polearm. The result? The three prongs of the trident GLOW with electricity...!

(o/~ Oh no, We gonna rock down to Electric Avenue~ o/~)

Wasting no time, Cadence vaults sidewards to avoid a brunt of gunfire.. though bullets clip her along her upper arms and shoulders. Once apart from the main volley, she sprints forth and attempts to jab the electrically-charged prongs into one of the machine's legs! To topple the damned thing would be fantastic, to allow another companion to hopefully deliver a deathstrike! But such close quarters.. isn't always wise.

Ack! That hurt! Most unfriendly robot! Accordingly, Farly drifts to one side of it again, and repeats his previous performance, hitting it with another Thunder spell.

The machine is slow and lumbering- and misses a step, nearly stumbling into a fall when it's struck by lightning again. But rather than slowing down, it speeds up now that it has closed most of the distance- and goes charging for Farly, as the one who's done the most direct attacking it so far. Situation reading is perhaps not its forte at the moment, given the other two are preparing for potent assaults of their own. Ignoring its more conventional armaments, it opts instead to swing one of its great, heavy metal fists at the small moogle- though given it's the one with the limited motion, it might not be -entirely- accurate.

The young woman meanwhile runs over to her dog to get between her and the robot, slowing and settling into a poorly-trained but very experienced combat stance- at which point she raises the arm with the bladed weapon and launches it at the robot's side, clanging into a crevice of its form before -somehow- boomeranging back to its place on her forearm rather improbably. It doesn't do a great deal, but it will do while she continues to search for -something- on her person.

As the machine goes charging after Farly, Vaan sees his opening and goes running too. He's too far behind to catch up until it's already made it's swing at Farly. Vaan hoists the Ebon Blade upwards, attempting to run the flaming black blade into the Robots back. He leaps backwards, attempting to create some distance as he does something else.

Vaan pauses, stretching for a few moments. He focuses, casting another strange buff on himself with raw, unfocused magic. It's purpose? Leaving, if Vaan's sprint back towards the base is evident of anything. "I'm gonna go get help!" He calls, tossing the spare parts towards Farly before he's too far out of sight. (Attack, then Flee.)

(Farly rolls to dodge the arm) DICE> Farly rolls 1d20, resulting in 20. Total: 20

Despite his wounds, Farly manages to dodge the flailing arm of the robot. Whew! Good thing it's not in good shape! Thinking quickly, Farly dodges towards the pile of rubble. "Let it follow me," he thinks. "It'll have its back to everyone else!" His specific path is to the side of the rubble pile away from the woman who just arrived.

Indeed the robot begins chasing after Farly- which provides Vaan a perfect avenue to strike and escape. The flaming blade hits its mark- opening up a gash in the plating of the war-bot, exposing turning gears, sparking wires and all manner of vulnerable things therein. Though while it chases, it has difficulty keeping up on the rough terrain of a set of ruins when its target is, well, in flight. Which leads it to returning to a previous method- ports in its shoulders that sometimes look like eyes begin to glow- and the source of its laser blasting becomes -very apparent- when it fires a wild blast at the fleeing moogle.

The dog's owner meanwhile gives up on searching with a sound of frustration, then calms herself with an exhalation of breath. Though she closes her eyes, she's clearly doing something- and an aura appears around her feet. Green at first, but quickly overtaken by white with a slight golden tint while blue wisps of energy fly up around her. Her right arm (Without the shooting weapon) crosses over her chest, then sweeps across- and a Thunder spell comes from her as well, cracking into the machine- which by this point looks to be on its last legs, given the beating it had already taken before she made herself actually useful.

Ah, Vaan! Yus! Well done! The sword strike lays bare the mechanism within accursed thing's back, and Cadence musters forth some of her remaining mana. She must unfortunately utilize the robot's decision to give chase to Farly... hence, why the Dragoon acts quickly! The young lady in blue picks up what Cadence is puting down: electricity! Eyes flashing, lips curling into a grim smile, Cadence spins the trident expertly. Ribbons of crackling electrical energy dance in front of her as she whips the magic into a frenzy.

Rinoa's casting of Thunder is joined by yet another from the Magitek Knight, the incantation being aimed for the damage rendered by Vaan's strike. "Step away from the moogle!" She barks.

Yeah.. corny. But she means it, dammit'.

"Kupo-po-po-po-po-po-po!" screams the moogle as he takes a laser blast and bounces out of control. Regaining some measure of control, Farly dodges behind the pile of rubble. Anyone who can't see him directly nevertheless sees a glow of white light from his direction, and hears him yell out, "Cure, kupo!" Clearly Farly has taken the chance to heal himself, at least to some extent.

Lightning cracks twice into the foreign machine, and it twitches a few more times- and then, with a great, ear-splitting snapping noise, its leg buckles, and showers of sparks come flying from the hole left by the retreating sky pirate. Falling over to its side, the noise from the machine comes to a stop, and it ceases to function.

Finally allowed by her owner to run forward again, the dog goes racing at the fallen robot to continue barking and growling for a few more moments. The woman comes running up next, looking around between the two. "Are you two okay?" she questions hurriedly- she can see Cadence well enough, so before waiting for an answer goes bounding over to climb over the stone that Farly has hidden himself behind to look.

"I am fine," Cadence says quickly, her brow furrowed. Immediately the trident is retracted and fastened to her belt, her gaze sweeping the rubble into which Farly had retreated for cover. Whatever reserves she has left, she retains for a couple more castings of Cure if needed. She swiftly moves to join the unknown woman in searching for the moogle, her adrenaline pumping. She witnessed that flash of White light, and it is in that direction that she searches.

"Farly?" She calls out, as surely she knows of the moogle's name by now. "Are you ok? What of you, miss?" She asks of Rinoa, her tone cultured and smooth. "Do you require a Cure?"

The moogle comes out from behind the pile of rubble, inviting the woman in blue to come as well. Looking at the dead machine, he comments, "Well! No self-respecting moogle ever had a hand in designing /that/, kupo!" He then looks back at his companions, who can't help but notice that he has scorched fur as well as a few bullet holes, and adds, "I will do, kupo, although I thank you. Give me a moment and I'll be able to deal with all of our remaining wounds, kupo."

Shifting his enormous (6 inches longer than he is tall) wrench to his left hand, he turns to the woman in blue and says, "Good morning to you, kupo! My name is Farly, and this is Cadence. Are you injured, kupo?"

Once Farly has shown he can get up and will be fine for the moment, the blue-clad woman seems rather busy with looking around much like... she has no idea where she is. Looking at her wrist-mounted firing blade and tapping at it like it's not supposed to be there. She starts a little when she's addressed directly, shaking her head to clear the whirling thoughts. "Oh! My name is Rinoa. I'm fine, thank you. I would be worried about myself if I were you two!" She looks down at her hand, frowning for a moment. Then looks up towards the fallen robot, and continues; "Oh, and this is..." she kneels down, reaching out a hand to whistle to the dog, then call out; "Angelo!"

Farly looks down at the dog and says, "Hello, Angelo! Glad to meet you, kupo!" Looking back at Rinoa, he says, "Give me a moment, please, to deal with our injuries." In rapid succession, he first casts the Technick, Charge, which lets him absorb a certain amount of energy. He follows that up with Cura, which should bring everyone back up to full health.

Turning back to Rinoa, he continues, "We have a number of survivors over here to the east. Would you care to join us, kupo?"

Alarm flashes through Rinoa's eyes at Farly's last statement after he goes about his strange form of magic- really, she might have said something, but she has no room to speak, being who she is. And it's strange enough that he's... a small... white... pom-pom'd person. Who sort of reminds her of a pseudo-GF she saw once or twice in her day.

"... What do you mean, -survivors-? Where am I? Where's the Garden? I was just out with Angelo..."

Farly looks with compassion at Rinoa. "I can't tell you exactly where we are, kupo, because none of us knows. In a general sense, however, you have come to what we call the "Converged World." Each and every one of us came here from somewhere else, and by no means all from the same original world. When we have a bit more time, I'll tell you how I first came here, kupo." More quietly, "That was /some/ chocobo ride, kupo!"

"In any case," he says, picking up the narrative, "just yesterday by our experiences, the Converged World went completely crazy, kupo. I was on the Baron Plains investigating a downed airship, kupo, when it literally was blown up into the air, and me with it. If I weren't able to fly, I'd have been squashed when I came back down, kupo. Others reported other strange and violent events, but the result is the same for all of us who survived -- all forty-odd of us. This is a place that none of us have ever seen before, kupo, and it seems to be /very/ old. Whether there are other survivors elsewhere, we don't know, kupo. We are just beginning to explore this place. And quite frankly, we would welcome your help, kupo."

"I'm sorry; I'm sure all this confuses you horribly, but to the best of my knowledge, there is no way back. So you might as well make the best of it, kupo."

There's little verbal response from Rinoa as Farly relates his tale. Just watching, listening... and growing ever the more crestfallen. She simply pauses for a few moments as he finishes speaking... then nods a little, about some part of it. She turns back to Angelo and hugs her close- who in turn begins worriedly licking at Rinoa's face and neck.

Farly holds out a small hand to Rinoa. "You'll be very welcome if you wish to join us, I promise you, kupo. I'm sure you're missing friends back home, and possibly family as well. So this may be small comfort for you now, kupo. But we offer you companionship and camaraderie, the chance to make new friends, and the protection afforded by a group of fighters. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, kupo, you would be welcome in that group as well, if you should wish to join us, kupo."

Rinoa sighs a moment, shaking her head a little. She wipes at an eye quickly before she stands back up and takes the hand. "Thank you," she says quietly, snapping a finger to get Angelo's attention. "I guess I should, huh? Go along... I'll see what I can do. But I don't know if I'll be able to do... that again. Or if I should." She frowns a little- she mimes her earlier hand motion when she cast her spell to explain.

Farly smiles a little bit. "If you could cast that spell once, you can probably still cast it. However, spells are by no means everything, even in combat, kupo. You'll meet warriors who never use magic, or who use it very seldom. You'll also meet people from many walks of life, some of whom use magic, while others are deathly afraid of it. Either way, don't worry. You'll find a place for yourself, kupo. You can and will fit in a manner of your own choosing."

"It just... it might not be a good idea," says Rinoa, voice sullen and thoroughly distracted. "I shouldn't be able to do it." She shakes her head, and looks back up, face regaining a goodly bit of composure. "But never mind for now, I guess. Let's go meet your friends!"

Feeling distressed at Rinoa's unhapiness, Farly says, "By all means. And always remember that your life and your self belong entirely to you. It is for you to decide whether you can or will use magickal energies, or Mist as it is sometimes called. Nobody will force you. But I would give you one word of warning, kupo: If you /can/ use these energies, be very sure you can control them. Otherwise, they will start to control you, kupo. Usually at the most inconvenient possible time. But never mind that for now. We'll be glad to help you, whichever way you decide, kupo." And with that, he began to lead Rinoa along the path to the east, picking up the box of spare parts that Vaan tossed towards him earlier.

"... Well, you said different worlds, right? Things are... probably different where I come from," says Rinoa, shaking her head a little. "I've never heard of magical mist." She goes quiet then, leaving the explanation for... some other time. That is very not now. She sighs a little, looking up into the sky as she begins to follow Farly.